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King’s Beads Sets Up a Massive Scholarship Program for Students of the China University of Geosciences (Beijing)

January 20, 2021

King’s Beads has flagged off a scholarship program to the tune of RMB100,000 for students of the China University of Geosciences (Beijing) or CUGB. The ceremony, which was graced by members the CUGB Alumni Association, including the deputy secretary, as well as representatives of CUGB’s School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE), is the company’s way of giving back to the school and society at large. The school has produced many of the finest talents in the industry. The scholarship will be granted to all-round best bachelor and graduate students of the school.

During the event, King’s Bead’s keynote speaker lauded SMSE’s unparalleled commitment to excellence and their outstanding achievements in mineral processing and industrial ceramics. He thanked the institution especially for its commitment to producing the finest talents in the industry – many of who have gone on to join King’s Beads after graduating from the school.

In response, the deputy secretary of CUGB Alumni Association thanked King Bead’s management for their commendable act of generosity. Besides the scholarship, he also appreciated the company for giving SMSE graduates opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. He stated that by empowering these graduates, the company providing a direct shot in the arm to the alumni as a whole.

The scholarship is a direct reflection of the company’s corporate culture of Care, Growth, Action and Innovation. King’s Beads has always been a champion of corporate social responsibilities, showing others in the industry how to be charitable with monumental efforts that create lasting impacts on society. As a community driven company, King’s Bead has a long history of taking care of the less privileged and contributing tangibly, within its power, to the prosperity of the community and society as a whole.