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Kings Beads Presented Technical Paper at Comminution 23 Conference

May 17, 2023

King's Beads team attended the 13th International Comminution Conference in Cape Town in April 2023. 

In this conference, Alex Wang, the Technical Director of King's Beads, presented collaborative research with The University of British Columbia (UBC), which focused on investigating the impact of ceramic bead density and size on IsaMill energy performance.

The research utilized the simplified Stress Intensity Theory to analyze and demystify the complex interaction between ceramic bead size and density in the fine grinding process. By providing a direct perspective, this research sheds light on how optimal effective fine grinding can be achieved through a better understanding and utilization of Stress Intensity knowledge.

At King's Beads, we are dedicated to sharing our expertise in fine and ultrafine grinding. If you would like to learn more or obtain a copy of the research paper, please feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to provide additional information and assistance.

Kings beads
Kings beads