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2MW Distributed Photovoltaic Power System Put into Use in King’s Plant

January 5, 2018

A 2MW distributed photovoltaic power system has been put into use in King’s plant in Jiangsu Province on December 25, 2017. This over 2 million-USD invested power system works in parallel with local electric grid. The successful launch of this project marks it the first megawatt-class distributed photovoltaic system in the Ceramics Industrial Park in Yixing, Jiangsu.

This photovoltaic system will make full use of 23,000 square meters of 1# plant workshop roof space to generate as much as 2.2 million kWh a year. It equals to 1000 households’ annual electricity consumption, which will meet 30% of electricity need of the plant. The generated electricity during non-production period will be available for civilian use. Electricity saved annually is equivalent to a saving of 800MT coal( equivalent calorific value) burning, leading to a emission deduction of 1,994 MT carbon dioxide, 54.4MT carbon dust, 60MT sulfur dioxide as well as 30MT of nitrogen oxides per year. In addition, the roof panels also can effectively block the UV to lower the workshop temperature by 3℃or so in summer time, further saving energy and protecting the environment by using less air conditioner.

Also, taking this opportunity, King’s could further optimize the cost structure of the products and offer price-competitive ceramic media to all clients, and help them to lower the operational cost of their grinding process to achieve win-win cooperation.

King’s distributed photovoltaic power system is one far-reaching and meaningful strategic step of King’s commitment to its employee, customer and the society. With strong awareness of energy conservation and environment protection, King’s continuously contribute to the sustainable development of the industry.

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