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A NETZSCH Horizontal Mill Introduced in King’s Superfine Grinding Technology Engineering Center

October 29, 2019

Recently, a new NETZSCH horizontal mill (LME-4) is installed in King’s Superfine Grinding Technology Engineering Center (KSGTEC) and after cold commissioning it is now ready to perform the grinding tests for the clients.

The brand-new LME-4 is the basis for the design of the IsaMill M4, who shares the exact same internal dimensions and mechanisms. This LME-4 is designed for lab testing purpose, and the results obtained can be scaled up to Glencore’s IsaMill production units in mining industry, as it has been proven by the IsaMill producer and many IsaMill end users.

The introduction of this NETZSCH LME-4 is an important complement to KSGTEC, making it possible to conduct the lab-to-production IsaMill scale-up test work, also equips King’s Beads with stronger capability to provide better technical service to all IsaMill customers. With the LME-4 in position, King’s will work closely with Glencore Technology to have KSGTEC lab accredited by Glencore Technology in the near future.